Angel Wing Heart

welcome to my page! *certain links and such are outdated by now, pls refer to my carrd!* i rarely update anymore


07/03/2023 i've been gone for so long!! neocities messed up my code istg, otherwise i would've been back a while ago i swear-- i'll add more cute things to my page now

04/02/2023 omg i finally beat the trix and avalon in the nintendo dsi game winx mission enchantix! now that i finished story mode, i heard that there's winx diary game?!?! omgg and a codex game as well ughh i'm deffo gonna play them soon

03/19/2023 finished season 4 a while back, i just can't watch the rest tho :/ hate the new animation

11/16/2022 omg ive been gone for so long!! back at it tho

08/10/2022 been taking a break from coding! back on track tho heheheh

08/03/2022 adding cute little icons to my page right now! ugh im so curious as to what the finished page is gonna look like

08/01/2022 started rewatching winx club today! im at ss.1 ep.21

about me

althea, she/her, 20y/o

media: kpop, skz, ateez, interstellar, kdrama, ghibli, tpn, winx, h2o, atla

hobbies: journaling, science, books, dancing, writing, coding, travel

kins/bias: han(skz), woo(ateez), tecna, stella, azula

typology: ET(S) TeSe sp378 [R]loei


the winx

my fav fairy

tecna's deffo my fav. I love coding sm and ig our personalities are similar, i'm a little more holistic tho, she's reductionist! iykyk

stella is on par with tecna imo-- like, they're the only helpful ones in winx?? the rest is so whiny :,) stella is an icon tho xx