Angel Wing Heart

03/19/2023 finished season 4 a while back, i just can't watch the rest tho :/ hate the new animation

11/16/2022 omg ive been gone for so long!! back at it tho

08/10/2022 been taking a break from coding! back on track tho heheheh

08/03/2022 adding cute little icons to my page right now! ugh im so curious as to what the finished page is gonna look like

08/01/2022 started rewatching winx club today! im at ss.1 ep.21

new message!
welcome to my site! its dedicated to the early/mid 2000s, where webpages looked glittery, messy and maybe a little cheesy. but who cares, cuz thats the point - to enter a magical world via a computer screen. i hope to bring those memories back and who knows- maybe one day the web will make a comeback... :) its more than sad to see the internet change. even though i recognized the problem, what i havent seen yet was how many others had the same concerns as me. so just recently, i learned about the yesterweb. nothing more could motivate me to create my own little webpage to remember the old times of having internet access in 2008. tysm for reading and enjoy!